Anti-Piracy Action Program (APAP)

Disclaimer: program is no longer maintained. This website is no longer owned by FSC and it's just brought back online for archive purposes.

The FSC Anti-Piracy Action Program provides it's members the support and resources to effectively implement an anti-piracy strategy right for their company. Members have access to copyright registration consultation, DMCA consultation, legal information, information on anti-piracy technologies, recommended anti-piracy vendor referrals, attorney referrals and more. The program has also contracted with a major digital fingerprint technology service to allow the adult industry an affordable way to utilize a proven technology to prevent copyright infringement.

To learn more about this technology, please see Content Owners or Tube Owners information below. For more information about the overall program.

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Content Owners

What We Offer to Content Owners

The FSC collaborates with developers of the most advanced technologies available for locating, monitoring and protecting your content online, attorneys who are experts in Intellectual Property rights enforcement and content owners who are concerned about the impact of rampant content piracy on the adult entertainment industry. This multifaceted collaboration has put the FSC in a uniquely strong position to create the Anti-Piracy Action Program (APAP), an effort that affords content owners the opportunity to create an industry standard for infringement detection and lawsuit preparation.

By making APAP the industry standard for adult content protection, rights holders can push operators of user-generated content ('UGC') sites to work within their acceptable use policies for content, and give such site operators incentive to more effectively self-police the content uploaded to their sites.

Free Digital Video Fingerprinting

Digital Video Fingerprinting is not a watermark, but a technique in which software will identify characteristic components of a any video or do real-time analysis of complex live adult cams stream, enabling that streaming content to be uniquely and effectively identified by its resulting “fingerprint”. More Info

Spidering Technology

Find all instances of infringements on over 20 tube sites. Including cam sites and aggregators like MatCams where they list online cam models from lots of different sites.

Technology powered by Vobileinc

DMCA & Admin Services

Send out massive DMCA notices, gather screenshots & video evidence in an all-in-one easy admin

Additional services include copyright registration counselor, full service attorney supervised option

Automatic advertising model integration w/ tube sites actively participating in program

Additional Services Include:

Copyright registration counselor

Full service attorney supervised option

Porn Guardian’s staff works across ten time zones and in 5 languages providing state-of-the-art DMCA notification and illegal content removal to make sure client content is removed world-wide as soon as it’s posted illegally. PornGuardian's reporting and evidence gathering is second-to-none, and the company has a proven track record of removing actively-traded files from Cyberlockers (Hotfile, Rapidshare, etc.,) torrent sites and social networking venues. Porn Guardian's IndustryGuardian initiative is the company's community service effort that combats piracy pro-actively by targeting prolific pirates, dismantling offending blogs and newsgroups, and shutting down repeat offenders. IndustryGuardian acts as watchdog for the entire industry, uniting content producers, service providers, affiliates and consumers in the war on piracy.

Tube solutions
Tube Owners

What We Offer to Tube Owners

Through the Anti-Piracy Action Program (APAP), FSC is offering a standard means for content owners to detect infringement, and seamlessly replace the infringing content with acceptable promotional and advertising materials. APAP takes into consideration the risk that user-generated content ('UGC') sites face in accepting uploads of content, and the need to monetize the traffic to their sites while staying in compliance with the law. As some mainstream UGC sites have done, adult tube sites and Chatterbate cams can receive a revenue share on the promotional materials that are swapped into place once infringement has been detected by the software used in the APAP monitoring effort.

Free Access to Digital Finger Printing Database

Minimizes infringement on all APAP studios content Read about a similar major mainstream application of this technology

Monetize on Removed Content (make money)

Get a % of sales revenue when replacing content with promotional materials provided by studios

See how the monetization program works

DMCA UGC Best Practices Counseling

Minimize potential lawsuit expenses

Ensure DMAC compliance

Make money!

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Automatic Advertising Model

APAP is a multifaceted approach combating digital piracy and integrating a proven advertising revenue model. Both content owners and tube site owners can easily integrate and reap benefits by actively participating with what is becoming the industry standard.